"The tremendous energy inherent in these horses, which rise up out of the earth represent what we believe America and Franchise Finance Corporation of America are all about: Democratic Capitalism at its best, and the deep connection between individual freedom and the indomitable spirit of the American entrepreneur."

Morton H. Fleischer
Chairman, President and CEO

Spirit Sculpture by Buck McCain

The 15-foot bronze sculpture, Spirit, features five life-size frolicking horses. Spirit is the masterful creation of Buck McCain, a Tucson based artist, who has emerged as one of the masters of modern monumental bronzes. Conceived to stand as a guardian at the entrance to the former FFCA Headquarters, the work is much more than a bold and beautiful expression of corporate art. Spirit bespeaks the same energy and courage that settled America in the past and now sweeps it towards an exciting future. Its strength and exuberance are symbolic of the philosophy and enterprise of a significant corporate culture flourishing in the southwest. Buck McCain wanted to create something great in the desert. He has captured in the grace and strength of the horse a metaphor for the American west and those visionary personalities who have made it their home.